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Functional Nutrition Training: Is It Right For You?

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If you want to become a nutritionist but want to enter a field that takes a natural, or holistic, approach to good health, consider taking functional nutrition training soon. Functional nutrition focuses on an individual's overall health needs rather than their symptoms or health condition. Learn more about functional nutrition and how to receive training for it below.

What's Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition is similar to standard nutrition but takes a holistic approach to good health. Unlike standard nutrition, which focuses on the nutritional value or benefits of food for all clients, functional nutrition focuses on the individual nutritional needs of each client. Functional nutrition allows you to address the root cause or causes of your client's health conditions rather than just the symptoms their health conditions cause.

Functional nutrition also allows you to offer food choices to your clients that fit their individual lifestyles and goals. Standard nutrition focuses on consuming the right servings or food groups. Clients may not know exactly how many servings to eat to improve their health.

Functional nutrition allows you to develop a dietary plan for your clients that fit their specific weight, physical activity, and body composition. Your clients' plans may also include foods that help manage the stress in their lives. Stress can make certain health problems and their symptoms worse for some clients.   

If you think functional nutrition is the right profession for you, obtain training today. 

Where Do You Receive Functional Nutrition Training?

You can receive functional nutrition training in several ways, including online. Online training allows you to study and learn about functional nutrition from almost anywhere in your community. A number of students prefer to take their online courses in the comfort of their homes.

After you find a school to attend online, you want to select a program that fits your needs. Functional nutrition training allows you to work in various career fields or disciplines, including telehealth and coaching.

Telehealth allows you to design your clients' meal plans and guides via a computer or smartphone. Coaching allows you to work in hospitals, clinics, and other brick-and-mortar establishments. You want to choose a program that allows you to receive training in an area that fits your overall goals as a nutritionist.

After you complete your training online, you may receive a certificate in functional nutrition. You may need to complete additional training or career updates to maintain your certification in the future.

Learn more about functional nutrition online training by contacting an online provider today.