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Using Allicin Oil To Treat Pinworms

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Pinworms are tiny worms that live in the rectum. They travel outside the anus to lay their eggs, which can be a very itchy and uncomfortable process for their human host. Pinworms are most common in children, although adults can get them, too. Luckily, they are fairly easy to treat. There are prescription medications you can get, but also over-the-counter remedies. One of these OTC remedies is allicin oil, which is derived from garlic. It can be quite effective against pinworms, but you will want to follow the tips below when using it.

Take it continually

Results depend on a consistent level of allicin in the digestive tract. If you skip doses, the levels of allicin in your body won't be sustained, and the pinworms may get a chance to recover from exposure to it, rather than dying. So, you really want to make sure you take every dose. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Most will tell you to take the allicin oil either four or two times per day. If you think you may forget or take doses late, try setting an alarm on your phone to remind you.

Give it to everyone in the family

Pinworms are quite contagious. If your child who has pinworms touches their bottom, they may pick up tapeworm eggs and deposit them on the surfaces they touch. If you touch those surfaces and then touch your mouth of food, you ingest the eggs, and then you'll likely get pinworms. Because they're so easily spread, it makes sense to treat everyone in the family when one person has pinworms. With a natural supplement like allicin, this is very safe to do. Make sure, when you're dosing multiple people, that you use clean syringes for everyone.

Keep using it after your symptoms are gone

Sometimes people experience relief from the itching of pinworms and immediately stop taking allicin oil. But the relief does not mean the pinworms are all gone yet. There may still be a few hanging around. So, keep taking the allicin oil for at least a week after your last symptoms disappear. This way, you are far less likely to have a reoccurrence of pinworms.

If you or someone in your home has pinworms, consider going the "natural" route and treating them with allicin oil. As long as you're consistent, you treat everyone, and you treat for long enough, relief can be had.

Contact a health care professional for more information on pinworm allicin oil dietary supplements.