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Taking Kratom With Minimal Side Effects

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Kratom can be really helpful for easing pain, fighting anxiety, and lowering blood pressure, but some people stay away from it because they are afraid of developing side effects. These fears are not unfounded as some people do experience side effects with kratom. However, almost every medication can cause side effects, so that's not unusual. If you are interested in using kratom, there are some ways you can reduce the risk and severity of side effects.

Only take it as needed

Kratom does work by interacting with your opiate receptors, and like all medications that do this, it has the potential to be addictive. However, you can reduce your risk of becoming addicted to it if you only use it as needed. Don't, for example, take a dose every 8 hours for 7 days in a row. Instead, take a dose whenever your pain or other symptoms flare up, waiting as long as possible between doses. Or, take it for a few days, and then take a day or two off before taking it again.

Do not take it with other medications

Kratom needs to be broken down in your liver. If you take it with other medications that are also broken down in the liver, then it can lead to side effects. So, unless your doctor tells you it is safe, avoid taking kratom alongside other medications. If you've been taking something else for your pain, stop taking that medication before you start taking kratom.

Take it with food

The best way to take kratom, from a side effect standpoint, is in capsule form. The capsule slows down the release and absorption of the kratom, even if just a little. Taking the capsules with food will further help slow down the absorption of kratom so that it does not all end up in your bloodstream at once. This can decrease side effects like diarrhea and tiredness.

Take as low of a dose as possible

The smaller the dose you take, the less likely you are to have side effects. Most kratom capsules contain 1 gram of kratom. This is enough for mild pain relief in most people. Give a one gram dose a try before you try a 2 gram dose. And only move up to a 3 gram dose if the 2 grams are not working. Most people do not need more than 3 grams.

Kratom can cause side effects, but there are thankfully ways to minimize and avoid them. With the advice above, you should be able to maximize the effects of this supplement while minimizing its downfalls.

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