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The First-Timer's Guide To Using CBD Gummies

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CBD has been popular for a while, but if you are about to use CBD gummies for the first time, you could probably use some advice. After all, this substance is best described with the words "it varies." The effects vary from person to person, the dose people need to take varies, and there are just so many varieties of CBD gummies to try! The tips below will help you navigate this variety as a first-time CBD gummy user.

Choose a low-dose gummy.

If you don't already have gummies, then this is the key thing to pay attention to as you shop for them. They come in different doses. You'll see some that contain 5 mg, and others that contain 20, 50, or even 100 mg. As a first-time gummy user, you want to buy the lowest dose available. It's not that anything bad would happen to you if you took too much, you might just feel a little sleepy and too relaxed to get anything done. However, it's a waste of products to take more than you need, and as a beginner, you don't know how much you need. It's easier to scale the dose when you have low-dose gummies. Otherwise, you end up breaking pieces off of a higher-dose gummy, and then it's much harder to get an accurate dose.

Take one gummy at a time.

Assuming you go have low-dose 5 mg or 10 mg gummies, start by just taking one. It doesn't matter if your friend told you that they need to take 50 mg of CBD to get relief. That's them — you might be different. Take one gummy, and wait at least 30 minutes. Do you feel relief, or do you feel the same as you felt before? If you don't feel relief yet, take another. Keep repeating this process, and keep track of how many gummies you need. Next time, you can step right to that dose.

Let the gummy melt in your mouth as much as possible.

As you chew the gummies, take your time. Really let the gummy melt, and swish it around a little. There are blood vessels close to the surface in your mouth, and some of the CBD can actually be absorbed through them, giving you faster relief than if you were to just swallow the gummy whole.

Taking CBD gummies for the first time can be a relieving experience. You get the relief you need by taking the correct dose.