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What Are Animal Chiropractic Services?

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If you've suffered from a sore back or neck, you may have sought chiropractic care before. Chiropractors specialize in spine health, particularly as it pertains to spinal alignment. By realigning a patient's spine, a chiropractor can relieve pain and muscle tension. However, chiropractic services aren't limited to humans.

Animal chiropractors specialize in providing chiropractic care for pets. If your animal is suffering from pain due to an injury or health condition, an animal chiropractor can help. Here are four things pet owners should know about chiropractic services for animals:

1. The chiropractor will evaluate your pet

Before making any chiropractic adjustments, an animal chiropractor will first evaluate your pet. Since they can't ask your pet questions directly, they will rely on alternate methods of diagnosis. An animal chiropractor will look at your pet's current x-rays, if applicable. They will also look at your pet's medical records, which will be provided by your regular vet. You will be asked questions about your pet's general state of well-being. Finally, the chiropractor will manually assess your pet to check for spinal misalignment.

2. The chiropractor will adjust your pet's spine

Animal chiropractors follow the same techniques and principles as chiropractors who work on humans. The methods may differ slightly, but the goals are the same. Your pet's chiropractor will use their hands and body weight to ease your pet's spine back into alignment. By pushing and pulling on certain areas of your pet's body, they can release areas of tension that may be causing pain or stiffness in your pet. Most pets will experience immediate relief following their first chiropractic appointment.

3. The chiropractor will ensure your pet is comfortable

Some pets are wary of strangers. It's normal for pets to be uncertain about new experiences, such as chiropractic services. Your pet's chiropractor will do everything possible to put your pet at ease. They will remain calm and firm, which should help your pet remain calm as well. You will be invited to remain in the room during your pet's treatment since some animals find the presence of their owner comforting.

4. The chiropractor will prescribe follow-up care

Some pets may require more than one chiropractic adjustment. Ongoing care can help your pet achieve optimal spinal health. Pets with chronic conditions, such as arthritis or joint dysplasia, can benefit from routine chiropractic care. Based on your pet's symptoms and condition, the chiropractor will propose a schedule for follow-up appointments. Before you leave their office, you will have the chance to schedule your pet's next chiropractic appointment.

For more information, reach out to a local animal chiropractic service.