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4 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your CBD Topical Cream

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Cannabidiol has amazing pain-relieving properties. However, you don't need to take it orally to see results. CBD can be just as effective when applied topically. Some people believe it's even more effective when placed directly at the site of your complaint because CBD cream can reduce pain and stiffness. If you suffer from arthritis, have sustained an injury, or simply have some soreness from exercising, CBD cream can help you manage your symptoms. Here are some tips that will help you get the most from a CBD topical cream:

1. Choose a topical cream with a high concentration of CBD.

CBD is the active ingredient in hemp pain-relieving creams. You will find more effective pain relief when you choose a cream that has a high concentration of CBD. The amount of CBD in any given product is usually measured in milligrams. Some mild forms of topical cream contain only 50 milligrams of cannabidiol. If you want the most effective pain relief possible, look for a topical cream that contains at least 3500 milligrams of CBD.

2. Look for a cream with other beneficial ingredients.

When purchasing a CBD cream, you should take a look at the ingredient list. Hemp or CBD oil will be listed near the top, but you will see inactive ingredients listed as well. Any cream needs to be made of a base that spreads well and is easily absorbed into the skin. Look for CBD creams that feature other ingredients that promote wellness. Glycerin, coconut oil, and petrolatum are all common ingredients in topical creams. They have moisturizing properties and can help soothe any skin irritation you have while CBD heals your muscles and joints.

3. Apply CBD cream sparingly.

One of the benefits of choosing a topical ointment with a high concentration of CBD is the ability to conserve your supply. When it comes to CBD cream, a little goes a long way. Apply your cream sparingly to avoid feelings of uncomfortable stickiness. If you don't feel the effects you want after a few minutes, you can always apply an additional layer.

4. Administer self-massage during application.

Increase your pain relief by administering self-massage while applying CBD cream. Use your fingers to work the cream into your skin, applying pressure to increase circulation. The extra blood flow will promote healing. CBD cream makes an excellent lubricant for massages. Instead of washing your hands after applying the cream, you can rub it in and use it as a hydrating hand lotion.

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