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How Are Crystals Supposed To Heal You?

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Healing with crystals isn't a new idea, but it's one that many people don't understand. Because you aren't taking anything that looks remotely medicinal, and because the crystal isn't going to do much other than sit on a surface near you (or in some cases, on you), it may sound odd to think the mere presence of a crystal could help you. Yet whether you have a plain quartz crystal or an emerald fuschite sphere, you can be influenced by these gorgeous stones.

Emanating Energy

The idea behind crystal healing is that everything emanates its own type of energy. This energy is malleable to an extent; for example, if you know how to charge stones (energetically, not in terms of credit), you can "direct" the stone to have more of one type of energy (e.g., a stone that can be for protection and money can be charged to be more protection-based).

When you have a stone that emanates an energy strongly, you can be influenced by that energy. This is more than just a fancy version of a lucky rock; this is linked to the idea that energy is all around us and flows in and out of every being and item. When you have a bundle of energy near you, that energy seeps into your life, like light from a lamp.

Each type of stone tends to have its own types of energy. Rose quartz, for example, is often linked to love, while obsidian is linked to protection. So when you choose a crystal, you want to be sure that it's one that is linked to what you need. For healing, fuschite is appropriate.

How to Use

Assuming you're getting a stone specially charged for a healing purpose and will not have to charge it yourself, you'll either sit the crystal on a surface in your room, or you'll be instructed to hold it, possibly at a specific point on your body. Then, for the most part, you'll just let the crystal work. You might be instructed to think positively or to really try to feel like you're completely better, if you're using a physical or mental health healing crystal. This is not to say you should stop going to your doctor -- these are meant to help, not supplant, medical or psychological attention.

It is possible for someone to "not get along" with a stone or a type of stone. If you ever get a crystal and actually feel worse for a prolonged time (not just a few hours or so), you can always try using another one. This goes for both a category (e.g., malachite) of stone and a particular stone that you have in your possession. Healing with crystals can be very personal.