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3 Natural Treatments For Blocked Fallopian Tubes

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If you are having trouble conceiving, you might be struggling with blocked fallopian tubes. If your fallopian tubes are blocked, the sperm is not able to make its way to your egg in order to achieve conception. Here are some blocked fallopian tubes natural treatments for you to try before heading to the doctor for a surgical repair.

Fertility Massage

The first method you can try when you want to unblock your fallopian tubes naturally is fertility massage. This is a type of massage you do on your abdomen either on your own or with help from a massage therapist that specializes in infertility issues. When you massage your abdomen, you allow for better circulation of that area. Hopefully, this helps to break up the adhesions that are blocking your fallopian tubes. It is a non-invasive method that is easy to do and can be very helpful. You can either choose this method alone or do it in conjunction with other natural remedies. 

Reproductive Cleansing

Another method that might help you to unblock your fallopian tubes and conceive a child is with reproductive cleansing. This is a type of fertility cleansing that helps to clean out your reproductive organs. Like massage, it also improves the circulation of your reproduction system in the hopes that the lesions or cysts blocking your tubes will disappear on their own. You should see an herbalist or natural fertility expert for cleansing. They will provide you with instructions, herbs, and tonic that help to thoroughly cleanse your reproductive system.


This is a type of natural treatment that is used for many different things, from helping with migraines to regulating your menstrual cycle. It can also be very useful for fertility issues, including clearing your fallopian tubes of scar tissue and lesions. Acupuncture relies on the belief that your body can heal itself with the right encouragement. With acupuncture, the specialist will place needles in different pressure points of your body, which go along your meridian. The meridian helps supply energy to your entire body to heal what ails you. Not only can placing these hair-thin needles in the right spots help with your fallopian tubes, but it can help with other fertility issues you might be experiencing.

It is also recommended that you get help from a physician for your fallopian tubes. It is possible that you only have a small amount of scar tissue that can be removed with a minor surgical procedure.