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One Flu Over The Cuckoos Nest: How To Deal With The Flu When You Are Alone

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Dealing with the flu during the cold season can be hard. If you are alone while you are dealing with the flu, it can be even harder. As a person who is living alone, you will have to set up your living space and materials to make it easier for you as you recover from the flu. Here are some ways to set up your living quarters and materials so that you can deal with the flu more easily. 

Bring your fluids to your room

If you are having trouble staying awake or if your body is sore due to the flu, you should bring as much as possible into your room. This will reduce your need to walk around the house. If you have colder drinks, you should get a portable cooler and bring it to your room. If you have the flu during the cold months, you may be able to sit your cold drinks up on the window sill in your room to keep them cold. Be sure to sit your flu remedy drinks next to your bed so that you can easily reach for them upon waking each morning. 

Purchase an electric kettle

If you are feeling dizzy during the flu, it is best that you not get up until you are feeling a little bit better. this means that you should not stand over a stove during the day. Instead, purchase an electric kettle. This will allow you to fill up the kettle and plug up the kettle into an electrical socket to heat. Once the water has heated you can add this to soup mix in order to heat up soup or to make tea when necessary. This means that you can eat and drink right next to your bed. Keep bowls and spoons next to your bed and change them once a day if necessary. 

Get a portable heater

Even if you have heating throughout your home, you may find yourself getting hot and cold on and off while you have the flu. bring a portable heater into your room and sit it within a short distance to your bed. This way if you find yourself uncomfortable during the middle of the night or when you feel weak, you can easily check the temperature. Keep your home temperature at around 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can comfortably walk around your home with a robe and not be too cold.