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Four Dietary Tips To Improve Blood Flow And Fight Erectile Dysfunction

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According to a recent report from Harvard Medical School, the primary cause of erectile dysfunction in most men is inadequate circulation, and it could be having a negative impact on your overall health. Unfortunately, the poor circulation in most men suffering from erectile dysfunction can also be an indicator of more serious, underlying conditions like heart disease, diabetes and stroke risk. In order to improve your blood flow and overall health, follow these four dietary tips in combination with healthy exercise, supplements and any necessary medication from your doctor. 

Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

If you are having trouble performing, a hearty salad before bed may help get your blood pumping. Dark, leafy green vegetables like spinach are rich in nitrates, which are well known for their short-term ability to dilate blood vessels and improve circulation. Tomatoes and the lycopene they contain have also been linked to stronger cardiovascular health in men, and the general benefits of substituting unhealthy, refined foods for fruits and vegetables are hard to overstate. 

Avoid Alcohol and Red Meats

Despite the fact that both alcohol and red meat are traditionally associated with masculinity, they may actually be working against you. The cholesterol found in meat eventually leads to plaque buildup in your arteries, limiting their ability to pump blood and potentially culminating in heart attacks and strokes. Alcohol, on the other hand, may be beneficial in moderate quantities, but one study found that 61 percent of men with an alcohol dependence also suffered from some form of sexual dysfunction. 

Cut Down on Processed Sugars 

High fructose corn syrup, the sugar substitute found in many processed foods and drinks, is a major contributor to obesity and metabolic disorders in the United States. Its chemical composition makes it more likely to cause heart disease and diabetes than other sugars, and soda-drinking habits have been shown to at least correlate with an increased risk for erectile dysfunction. Cutting out soda and other sources of high fructose corn syrup may boost your sexual health as well as add a few years to your lifespan. 

Take Natural Supplements

Although many ingredients in supplements have not been formally studied for their effectiveness, natural remedies often rely on generations of traditional wisdom and may prove to be an effective solution for erectile dysfunction. Ginkgo, for example, has demonstrated circulatory properties and is frequently used to counter sexual impotence. Always consider the ingredients of a supplement carefully before taking it, and consult with your doctor if you have any misgivings or experience worrisome side effects. By tackling the problem of erectile dysfunction as a symptom of other medical issues, you can not only regain your virility, but live long enough to enjoy it for years to come.